Culinary Curiosities: Virtual Baking Classes

Culinary Curiosities: Virtual Baking Classes

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
DateNov 7, 2021
TimeVarious times; see description
A young girl and a man are seated in a white kitchen, with baking ingredients visible in the foreground of the image. The young girl smiles as she uses an icing bag to decorate a cookie on a pan in front of her.
Various times; see description
Fee Description
$22 per class for non-members | $20 per class for members
Language Comments
English-only and French-only sessions are offered at different times. Please register for the workshop in the language of your choice.

Join us for a fun and engaging virtual baking class — from the comfort of your own home! Participants will receive a hands-on cooking experience, led by a museum employee. The groups will be small, making the experience more personal. This is an educational activity the entire family can enjoy! Participants will leave with a few new skills…plus a sense of satisfaction for having baked their very own delicious treat.

The class materials — including the recipes, grocery list, kitchen tools, and preparation instructions — will be emailed to you following registration. This will give participants enough time to gather the required material for the class. You will be sent a zoom link to access the class.

Children ages 13 and under are welcome to participate, but must have an adult’s help/supervision during the Virtual Baking Classes.

Class prices:

  • $22 per class for non-members
  • $20 per class for Ingenium members

Fall 2021 Class Description

Class: Focaccia Bread with Bruschetta Dip 
Date: Sunday, November 7, 2021 
Time: 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. (English session) or 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. (French session)

Viva Italia! Join us (virtually) in the kitchen — where you’ll learn to make a savoury Italian flatbread called focaccia. Next, you’ll turn your focaccia bread into a work of art by decorating it with fresh vegetables and herbs. While the focaccia bakes, you will also make a simple, flavourful bruschetta dip to go along with the bread. Be sure to bring your appetite!

Recipe, grocery list, and equipment list to follow.

Foccacia bread sits in a red scalloped dish on a wooden table. The bread is decorated with olives, red onions peppers, parsley, and tomatoes; these vegetable adornments are designed to resemble a garden scape.