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AgVenture: Henrietta Hen

photo of a hen

Please note that this program is unavailable until further notice.

Bring the museum experience to your classroom with the AgVenture mobile education program.

Programs are adapted based on grade level.

Daycare: Ages 4 and up
Kindergarten to Grade 4 (ON) | Preschool to Elementary Cycle 2 (QC)

Program Description

It’s hard to believe that the tiny Serama chicken is a distant relative of the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex! Your students will hear the rooster crow, touch the hen’s soft feathers, and watch the museum’s chickens peck. Through fun educational activities, students will explore the characteristics, needs and behaviour of this barnyard star.

Curriculum Links

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Kindergarten Science and Technology Preschool Competency 5 — To construct his/her understanding of the world
Grades 1 and 2 Science and Technology — Understanding Living Systems Elementary Cycle 1 Science and Technology
Competency — To explore the world of science and technology
Grade 4 Science and Technology — Understanding Life Systems Elementary Cycle 2 Science and Technology
Competency 2 — To make the most of scientific and technological tools, objects, and procedures


Fees vary, depending on the number and combination of workshops.

Program Details

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
Grade Level:
JK - Grade 4 (Ontario), Preschool - Elementary Cycle 2 (Quebec).
Fees vary
40 minutes
Dates Offered
Unavailable until further notice.
Program Location
At Your School