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Canada has a long and rich history of innovation in science and technology. The artifacts collected, preserved, and displayed in the three museums of Ingenium showcase this history. Each artifact tells a fascinating story of innovation and illustrates how science and technology have contributed to the transformation of Canada. Find out more about many of these artifacts here.

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Refine by Astronomy +-

    Refine by Aviation +-

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        Refine by Communications +-

          Refine by Computing Technology +-

            Refine by Domestic Technology +-

              Refine by Energy Electric +-

                Refine by Exploration and Survey +-

                  Refine by Fire Fighting +-

                    Refine by Forestry +-

                      Refine by Ground Transportation +-

                      Refine by Horology +-

                        Refine by Industrial Technology +-

                          Refine by Marine Transportation +-

                            Refine by Mathematics +-

                              Refine by Medical Technology +-

                                Refine by Meteorology +-

                                  Refine by Metrology +-

                                    Refine by Mining Metallurgy +-

                                      Refine by Photography +-

                                        Refine by Physics +-

                                          Refine by Printing +-

                                            Refine by Railway Transportation +-

                                              Refine by Space Technology +-

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